Malaria in Zambia

Malaria (malaria)

The risk of malaria is available all year round in areas at risk.
It is recommended to protect against mosquito bites.
It is necessary to take a medication (chemoprophylaxis) before, during and after the trip.

Recommended Vaccination

The following vaccines are recommended for all:
Diphtheria, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, hepatitis A
Under special conditions, the following vaccines are recommended: yellow fever, hepatitis B, typhoid fever, rabies, cholera

Notes for vaccination against yellow fever:

Who vaccination recommendation:
-Vaccination generally not recommended: for travel to the western and Northwestern provinces;
-Vaccination not recommended: all other regions;
Very low/theoretical risk
(See also information on vaccination against yellow fever of the Swiss CEMV)

For prescription medications and vaccinations, consult a doctor or vaccination Center. Vaccination against yellow fever can only be carried out by a vaccination Center and some doctors.

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